❝God Is Not Mocked!❞

God doesn’t deal with triflers or the insincere. and He despises all mockers and already has judged them. We don’t get God’s attention; He gets ours. God knows all and has no need to have something brought to His attention; He has no learning curve and is never taken aback or surprised by us or our conduct. He took it all into consideration before we were even created or born.

We don’t get God’s attention but may get judged duly for our sins and especially blasphemy. You may not just find yourself getting His attention but being judged, condemned, and sent to hell prematurely and dying before your time. Do you realize you are too insignificant to give God reason to give you any special deals or breaks and your challenges are not worthy of an Almighty God any more than some naive child challenging a heavy-weight champion and being ignored as an insult to his honor to even respond? It would be an insult to God’s honor and beneath Him!

Note, even Judas didn’t take Jesus by surprise who knew him as a devil from the beginning and “went as it was written of him.” All our days are written out before we are born (Psalm 139:16). God even turns the heart of the king wherever He chooses (Prov. 21:1). If ever there were mockers, it was those at the crucifixion of Christ and He prayed on their behalf and it is written: “He knew what was in the heart of man.”

In the end, you’ll find out who got who’s attention. Every knee shall bow to Jesus that He is Lord. He often gets our attention by affliction (Job 36:15). God may be trying to give us a wake-up call with all the natural disasters and even the pandemic. We all shall go one-on-one with the LORD and give an account of ourselves, God is not accountable to us, but we to HIm.

Therefore, do not take judgement into your own hands, but as the great C.S. Lewis said, “forgive the inexcusable, because God forgives the inexcusable in us.”

Act outwardly as a true Christian, follow Jesus, love your enemies, because we truly don’t want them to go into the burning lake for eternity. (This doesn’t apply to demons, hate them all you want! 😁😏)

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