This Week in Heresy

More heresy on the Sid Roth show with special cameo from Bill Johnson (Bethel/Jesus Culture Band):

Revealing Truth

False Prophet Cindy Jacobs nonsense:

Revealing Truth

Elevation Heretic “Pastor” Steven Furtive and his son’s despicable rap song:

Revealing Truth

Pope fears the end of the world:

Revealing Truth

Fake Apostle John Arcovio and Fake Prophetess wife folly (#CheAhn/#ToddBentley/#Heretics):

More Michael Todd shenanigans:

iThink Biblically

False “Apostle” Kathryn Krick (#Cringe):

Long for Truth 1

Kenneth Copeland and cookies… with Jesus (seriously):

Throwback Heretic Spotlight – John G. Lake:

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