Let’s talk about pride…

So pride, as we should all know, is a terrible, terrible sin. In FACT, it is the worst sin of them all! In FACT, it’s worse than all the other sins put together and it’s not even close!

We know of a certain perfect angel, who fell into the trap of pride and got himself kicked out of heaven, yes?

Now, he rules over this world in terrorizes it, all the while fooling most of the world into believing that he doesn’t even exist! Thank you, Mr. Freemason Darwin, for your service to humanity!

Evolution, while having no evidence to support it whatsoever, is the greatest lie in the world, and no doubt is Satan’s greatest deception he’s ever pulled!

Why is it his greatest deception? That’s easy, it accomplished three important things. First, it turned us into fake monkeys! Second, it got God out of the picture. And last, but definitely not least, it made that evil being Satan, a fairy tale, as he conveniently slipped right out of existence!

This has dire effects for each and every one of us, and most importantly in the ones who are more deceived than we are and actually believe that they’re evolved monkey fish!

So basically, every problem in this world today and in the entire history of this planet, can be attributed to pride. That’s how bad it is.

And no doubt each and every one of us struggle with it in some form or fashion to this day. We take pride in our family and everything that matters to us, and for a good portion of the people out there, the thing I take pride in the most is themselves!

Well friends, I have a secret when it comes to dealing with this evil sin called pride.

You see, as bad and evil is pride is, there is actually one thing in this world that you can’t have pride in, and that is, and being a child of God, the most holy, and his son our savior Jesus the Christ.

That is the only thing you can have pride in and not die. Half pride in being a child of the most holy, and then it’s called worship.

Have pride in that, and nothing else, and you will succeed in conquering the sin called pride. And with that, you become a little less fleshy. 😏

I hope this finds someone well, and may God bless you and yours. If I don’t see you soon, I’ll see you in the air on that great day when we get caught up! †

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