Fallen Angels – Do You See What I See? | Video

Off The Kirb Ministries

God created two types of beings, spiritual and physical beings. Human beings, animals, insects, viruses are examples of physical beings. Angels such as cherubims are spiritual beings. Angels are messengers of God, often sent to earth to deliver messages to human beings.

And I beheld, and I heard the voice of many angels round about the throne and the beasts and the elders: and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands;

Revelation 5:11 KJV

There are millions of angels that exist. The devil is an angel, particularly a fallen angel. He is fallen because he coveted the worship and authority that belongs to God. In fact the devil wants to be a god and to be worshiped above God. This is illogical, but this is his choice.

He convinced one third of the holy angels to fall with him and rebel against God. Angels are not atheists, they are in the presence of God, so why would they rebel? The devil used the same strategy he used against Eve. He cast doubt into the mind of the angels, questioning God’s authority, and offered a false promise that they too could become as gods. One third of the angels fell from grace.

In the Garden of Eden, the devil beguiled Eve, by casting doubt into her mind, asking if Lord God really said that they would die on the day they ate of the forbidden fruit. Then he falsely promised Eve that she would be as gods if they ate the forbidden fruit. We see the same modus operandus.

To make good on his false promise, the devil spawned a multitude of false religions and false doctrines. All false religions share many qualities and may include the following in common.

  1. Idolatry is integrated into the false doctrine
  2. Divert attention away from God
  3. Promise that we as human will become gods
  4. Doubting God’s word
  5. Concentration of authority in a human being instead of God
  6. False holy book which is derived by a single person
  7. Salvation based on man’s works instead of faith in Jesus Christ
  8. Denial the Jesus is God
  9. Denial that Jesus was resurrected
  10. Focus on liturgy/tradition created by a human being
  11. Denial of the Holy Trinity
  12. Worship of saints over God
  13. Worship of a human being over Jesus Christ
  14. Promoting the idea of reincarnation instead of resurrection
  15. Denial that Jesus is the Savior

Salvation is designed by Father God, who sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to die as a final atonement for all of the sins of mankind. Salvation is not for angels, but for man. The fallen angels have a destiny, which is to be cast into the lake of fire by Jesus Himself, where they will be tormented for a time, and ultimately be eternally destroyed, never to exist again.

Jesus saves.

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