Walk in the Light | Video

Walking in the light of God makes you a better person allows you to see your flaws and your benefits, and allows you to be merciful and compassionate to others.

Pastor Charles Lawson

Ever since the Tree of Life was blocked from Adam and Eve and their posterity, man’s fate has been dependent upon the Light and Life of Christ, who is the Savior and Redeemer of mankind.

Mortality is a protective box, as it were, giving mankind a probationary state to be exempt from the immediate and harsh demands of justice that prevails in Eternity.

This “box” is covered by Christ’s Light (which is answering the demands of justice) for and in behalf of all spiritual accountability due from mankind to the demands of justice.

God has given man the power to choose and the natural consequences come upon man for those choices, but spiritual accountability is bring deferred until man is resurrected and can stand as an agent unto himself in the Eternities.

In the meantime Man lives a mortal life learning and developing in a quickened way to be able exist in the Eternal realm (as do the gods) according to the fullness of his capacity and intelligence, as he has proved during his life here and hereafter leading up to his resurrection.

Thus during this mortal probation, Jesus Christ is the Life and Light of the world.

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